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17/10/2020 By Redazione Non attivi

Greetings to the Workers’ Party of Korea for its 75th anniversary.

The Foreign Federation of the Communist Party (Italy) offers a fraternal greeting to the Workers’ Party of Korea on the occasion of its 75th anniversary.

Leader Kim Jong Un commented that the country is currently the only one that is faced with such challenges and difficulties as addressing the epidemic emergency and recovering from natural disasters, while under harsh and prolonged sanctions. Despite this, “thanks to such excellent people who worry, care and protect one another, and thanks to the socialist society, in which people live in cooperation with a high sense of patriotism and a high level of self-consciousness, we have prevented the catastrophe.”
“We have become strong and are becoming stronger in the midst of trials.
Time is by our side.”

Solidarity with the Korean people in socialist construction and anti-imperialist struggle!


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